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Marwida is a story about the ocean. In a world where the effects of climate change are all around us and brands must adapt and rethink or perish, Marwida starts fresh.
Our effort to preserve and clean the sea begins with the Mediterranean basin. Fishing boats from the coast of Spain help to recover the marine plastic. Marwida works with the SEAQUAL Initiative, a unique collaborative model. This involves NGOs, local fishermen, scientists and private stakeholders participating in ocean cleanup jobs. The goal is to sweep the sea floor and surface, beaches and coastlines of marine litter.  

The rescued litter is made into polyester yarn at specialist centers in Spain. This process is based on conserving water and energy. Costly but eco-friendly. The result: textiles containing 100% recycled material with full traceability.

From Spain, the yarn travels to Porto in Portugal. Here is where we put our exquisite design and patterns into good use. During a controlled and handcrafted process the Marwida swimwear is sewed and manufactured


Ideas deriving from ocean and corals, realized and refined in Stockholm have come to life. Long last, quick dry, elegant and timeless swimwear. Highest standard of quality. Different colors and patterns. Now the swimwear is ready to ship off to our warehouse, and from there further on to costumer's all over the globe.

In the last step the Marwidas end up with you. The swimwear you now hold in your hand is proof of contribution to a cleaner ocean and the survival of the coral reefs. Wear them with good conscience.