The Sardine 7'8"

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Marwida x Nord

The Sardine is a throwback in time – pure lines for pure surfing. It has the wide point forward as a classic single fin. A standard flat rocker and a round pointy tail. The low tail rocker provides control through turns and good drive down the line. There is a good amount of planning area under the front foot while from the middle to tail the with tapers down for control. The outline complements the rocker design.

Ability: Intermediate - advanced
Conditions: Anything from knee to head high waves

Length: 7'8" 
Width: 21" 3/4
Thickness: 2" 7/8
Volume: 54.04 L

Reinforced with upcycled ocean plastic fabric.
Made-to-Order in Marwida’s signature coral pattern, in red or yellow.

Ships in 4-6 weeks

Donating 50% of the profit to the Coral Reef Alliance ( to protect and preserve the coral reefs in the world.


Ships in 4-6 weeks


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