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Article: Sustainable swimwear is helping the coral reef recover

Sustainable swimwear is helping the coral reef recover - Marwida

Sustainable swimwear is helping the coral reef recover

​The Swedish based company Marwida is launching its new Red Coral swimwear and for every pair bought is donating 5 dollars to save the coral reefs.

The striking new Red Coral swimming trunks is a combination of passion for design and care for the oceans. The sustainable fashion piece is made from ocean junk and made to last in line with the Marwida’s company values.

Now joining forces are Marwida and The Coral Reef Alliance in a new exciting partnership to bring their contribution to save the coral reefs of the oceans. Some of the profits for the sold environmentally friendly swimwear is going to The Coral Reef Alliance to be put to work helping the reefs recover.

Coral reefs are unlike anything else on the planet. They provide habitat for 25% of all known marine species and is an immensely important part of the ecosystem. They are also incredibly beautiful. The infinite variations of colors, structures and form the reefs are the inspiration for the printed patterns on the Beach Line.

The young generation has already grasped the environmental challenges of the world. By using only recycled ocean materials in our products we are doing our part in cleaning the oceans up, bit by bit.


The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is a non-profit, environmental NGO that is on a mission to save the world’s coral reefs. They work collaboratively with communities to reduce direct threats to reefs in ways that provide long-term benefits to people and wildlife. In parallel, CORAL is actively expanding the scientific understanding of how corals adapt to climate change and is applying this information to give reefs the best chance to thrive for genera- tions to come. 


Marwida is the result of two Swedish creative’s love for the ocean, the Mediterranean lifestyle and design. Anders Carleö and John Magnér combine their experience, knowledge and passion to create high end, fashionable and sustainable swimwear inspired by, as well as sourced and produced in, the Mediterranean region, containing only upcycled materials, much of it saved from the Mediterranean Sea.



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Marwida swimwear is back, launching yet a new initiative in order to benefit the worlds coral reefs, this time with powerful art depicting dead corals.

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