Marwida premiers Purple Waves

Marwida Swimwear is Back with a New Stylish Pattern Called Purple Waves.

Summer is here and Marwida launches yet another addition to their debut collection The Beach Line. This time a subtle but live pattern in royal purple. Purple Waves.

”As always when it comes to Marwida, we draw our inspiration from the ocean and the corals” says Anders Carleö, Creative Director. 

”We looked at the repetitive figures and the sweeping motions of the reefs. These organic forms in unity and fullness become perfection. Imagine looking down on this magnificence through a lens, and you have Purple Waves.”

”It comes natural to us to inaugurate our favorite season with a new release. This is our most alive and unique design yet, created from recycled materials as usual. We also continue the collaboration with Coral Reef Alliance. $5 per sale is donated to the organisation” says John Magnér, Marwida CEO.

”This summer is going to be different than all previous in our lives. We are going to spend it at Swedish seaside resorts in greater extent than before. We look forward to it. The archipelagos are fantastic this time of year and Purple Waves will perform well on Swedish sun drenched cliffs and beaches.”

Check out Marwidas Beach Line at for Purple Waves and other designs.

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