Dead corals become art

Marwida swimwear is back, launching yet a new initiative in order to benefit the worlds coral reefs, this time with powerful art depicting dead corals.

In collaboration with The Coral Reef Alliance, Marwida now presents a new series of art prints in an effort to remind the world of the fragile beauty of the coral reefs, and the devastating consequences of neglecting them.

”We choose to call the series ’Phantoms’ in order to really communicate the importance of acting now to protect the coral reefs”, says Anders Carleö, Creative Director at Marwida.

”Otherwise these white skeletons of coral are all that is going to be left of the great natural wonder that is the coral reefs. We see it as a sort of memento mori.”

”We have chosen to donate all proceeds from the series to The Coral Reef Alliance”, John Magnér, CEO at Marwida continues.

”We started Marwida through our love for the ocean and the reefs, so this is a natural step for us to take. Coral Reef Alliance has been working with long term solutions to protect the reefs since 1994, so the choice of NGO was easy”

The two partners’ love for coral reefs can also be found in the pattern of the swimwear, inspired by the strong colors and the beautiful shapes of their inhabitants.

The series will be released on the 4th of March on where they will available in a limited edition of 10. 


Presskit - High Resolution Images - Coral Reef Alliance - Coral Iniative - The Beach Line

Dead corals become art


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